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Welcome to the Jungle April 12, 2012

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‘We’ve got fun and games!’

So, every article I have read about blogging claims that your first blog is ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY critical, and that if you don’t hook people right there and then, your blog is doomed to never see the light of day and forever be as rejected as an apple in a fat man’s lunch box. No pressure or anything! PS. This is your cue to become instantly hooked already, love me forever and subscribe to me right away, if not for my writing for the insanely adorable cat 😀

I am Gemma, a post-pubescent, klutzy, mildly insane, socially awkward nerd 🙂 Located in Adelaide Australia, in a charmingly feral little place called Elizabeth, I am currently a jobless Uni bum studying at Flinders University. It is Uni holidays at the moment, and instead of spending it as the responsible adult I am and studying; I have been playing video games, reading the Hunger Games series and volunteering at Adelaide Zoo. I have always had a passion for writing, and have been told numerous times that I should be studying Journalism, so instead of putting these said writing skills towards University essays, I have decided to finally make the time to start using them to produce a whole load of word vomit for you to read 😀

So when I mentioned to my gorgeous boyfriend of 3 years that I was going to start a blog, the first words out of his mouth were ‘It’s going to be you ranting about things isn’t it?’. My answer? Yes Steven, yes it is 😀 My tremendous ability to crap on about various topics is what has gotten me through school and Uni, and I pride myself on it. Give me a stick, and I’ll write you a 3 page essay on it. I will be blogging about a number of random things:


Animals and their conservation are my number one passion. I have worked in a wildlife park for 4 years, I am currently studying Animal Behaviour at Uni, and I volunteer at Adelaide Zoo. Those guys above? Its predicted that they are going to be extinct in 10 years. The Javan Rhino? Went extinct last year due to poaching. Animals being treated right in laboratories? 6 chimps spent 30 years being beaten close to death in labs, and never once did they see sunlight. Their plight for survival is my own, and I shall be letting my animal activist side run rampant!

People and society

To put it simply, I hate people. Me so friendly! 😀 Society’s standards and morals today are at an all-time low, and people these days seem generally deluded. For someone like me with old fashioned views on self-respect, composure and life in general, encounters with these people bother me, so much so that it causes me to ponder which items in my vicinity can be used as murder weapons on a daily basis. From 12 year old pimps to 90 year old crabby women, prepare for the onslaught!

Other topics such as interesting news articles, cute animal pictures (stay tuned for many fluffy animals), comics,  and pretty much whatever else catches my eye! 🙂 Random ranting is my game, entertainment is my aim 😀

I will update my blog at least once a week with ramblings for you to read, and please leave comments! I’d love to hear from you and chat! 🙂 For additional useless facts about myself please see the ‘About Me’ section! Now without further ado, I am going to spend a glorious 2 hours on Memebase. I assure you, it is the best possible way procrastinate: 😀


9 Responses to “Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. I'm not Jayden Says:

    Lol… 😀

  2. Amy-Lee Says:

    Hey Gem, I’m so proud of you 😀

  3. Amy-Lee Says:


    And sick which is just stupid

    You should see what I wrote on my home page 🙂 I think it will be to your liking 🙂

    I miss you Gem, we need to catch up again 😦

    • Gemma Says:

      I’ll write another blog soon, so never fear 😀 Hahahaha I did, it made me laugh so much 😛 Does that mean you have a blog now as well? Or is that just a homepage atm? 🙂

      • Amy-Lee Says:

        nah just the homepage. don’t think i’ll do a blog. i just need to concentrate on one thing at a time i think lol

  4. ryanmcmurtry Says:

    “Society’s standards and morals today are at an all-time low, and people these days seem generally deluded. ”

    I agree with this. In the UK I am now considered less talented than a dog and a giant penguin got more votes in an election than one of the main candidates.
    *sigh of lament*

  5. Who doesn’t love a good rant?

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