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We be nerds, hear us roar! April 25, 2012

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Past definition: Nerd – An act of complete social suicide. A geeky and antisocial individual doomed to spend their entire lives at the lower end of the popularity scale, never feeling the warmth of another human beings touch. Can be located in library, laboratory, or equally ‘uncool’ place. Will probably end up owning 30 cats.   

As I have mentioned and will probably continue to mention, I am a nerd, and darn proud of it! Growing up, I was far more interested in video games, books and science than I was parties, makeup and relationships. Of course, this meant a lot of torment was directed my way by those considered popular. At 20 years old, while being lucky enough to have found an amazingly wonderful man who loves me for my nerdiness, I am still far more interested in having my nose in a book or a controller in my hands than I am in the superficial aspects involved in the ‘popular’ lifestyle. However while my interests have not changed over the years, the way nerds are treated in society has quite significantly. The social ladder has dramatically (but awesomely) been altered, and who has come out on top? Not the jocks or cheerleaders, that era has been and gone. It is none other than THE ALMIGHTY NERDS! 😀

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? It is cool to be geeky. Many of us haven’t had to change our ways and can now openly embrace all that is fantastic and nerdy without the fear of a wedgie, noogie or toilet flushing, but all of those once considered popular have now been left a little out of the loop. Now they are forced to embrace their inner geek, or it is then THEIR turn to be considered unpopular! I have seen lots of people letting go of their inhibitions and turning to the ways of the nerd, and its wonderful! Finally, there is a world of conversations you can have with people outside of what party they’ve been to, which person they hate for no reason, and who they have had sex with!

So the pressure is on to become a nerd, and to do it fast. Many people are doing a great job at gaining a bit of substance to their life, and are loving their new-found dork! Recently though, while looking through Facebook and other blogs, I have come across a few cases where a few girls people  have really been struggling to go with the nerd wave. These are a few examples of what I have found that have really grinded my gears. Sorry ‘cool’ people, but you are in the nerds playing field now, and if you are going to embrace the inner nerd, there is a few things you need to understand before you make a ninny of yourself!

Being a nerd ‘YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG’ Exhibit A:

Ok, I’m only going to say this once. THESE GLASSES DO NOT MAKE YOU A NERD. Sweet baby jesus, the amount of pictures I have seen on Facebook of Barbie type girls saying ‘Teehee, oh ma gawd I’m such a nerd!’ is mindblowing. Personality and interests define you as a nerd, not a cheap ass piece of black plastic you put on your face 2 seconds to get a photo! If you are going to embrace the geek, for the love of god please pick up a book or a video game, NOT THESE GLASSES!

Being a nerd: ‘YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG’ Exhibit B:

Saying things like ‘I’m a pretty girl in a nerdy world’ or ‘It’s so hard being pretty and smart!’

Holy flipping fudge nuts. What are you trying to say, that we original nerds aren’t attractive? Well excuse me, but I think we are an absolutely stunning bunch:

Hehe 😀

But seriously, what?! If it’s really ‘so hard’ for you being pretty AND smart, please go back to being just pretty, god forbid that you have a difficult life juggling both! And for your information, there is plenty of nerds out there who are down right attractive as well as smart without even trying, so don’t act like you are privileging the nerd world by gracing us with your ‘pretty’ presence and that even in OUR field that you are above us because of how flipping gorgeous you are. If you are going to be arrogant and still try to belittle nerds when you are trying to be one, go back to your own world, this Nerdtopia doesn’t want you!

 Apart from these brain farts some people seem to be having over the whole concept of being a nerd, I am loving this new social move. It is the age of the nerd my friends, so embrace it and get geeky!

Current Definition: Nerd – A complete social stud. An interesting and entertaining individual that is at the peak of the social ladder and loved by all. Can be located in the library, laboratory, or in an equally awesome place. Will still probably end up with 30 cats.



25 Responses to “We be nerds, hear us roar!”

  1. lotsboutnothin Says:

    Mind, I completely loved your text, but I’m still not sure what to think of this whole “fashion-being-nerdy”. Like you said, there are a lot of girls (AND BOYS), who are just putting those stupid glasses on their noses so they’re cool as well. Nerds aren’t into looks at all – also like you said – but they have some kind of other interests in their life. Don’t misunderstand me, I completely love nerds, and often i get called so myself (though i wouldn’t quite put myself there), but I just don’t like it where this is going. i don’t want it to become a fashion, a trend,.. or something popular. Things should just like… people should just accept eachother without trying to be one of those groups – whether it’d be nerds, popular, cheerleaders or whatever. I don’t like to be put into those groups at all.

    • Gemma Says:

      I completely agree with you love 🙂 being a nerd shouldnt be considered a fashion statement, and while some people are genuinely becoming nerdy because they want to, lots of people just seem to be ‘converting’ as a passing phase to be considered hip and cool. I’m just a nerd because I am haha, whether its considered cool or not 😛 I agree, I wish that everyone would just be accepted for who they are rather than constantly changing their whole persona just to fit in! Ill admit, It partly irritates me that being a nerd is becoming a thing now, after enduring years of ridicule for being one, now people who picked on me are acting exactly how I did, but now its fine? Argh, double standards! Ah society’s social standards, thou art a heartless bitch 🙂

  2. Adriana Says:

    Is I a nerd Gemma ? 😉 haha nah great blog well done little miss ! 🙂

  3. Becca L Says:

    Ha-HA! I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who noticed Exhibit A! It drives me crazy sometimes.

    • Gemma Says:

      Same here! I hate seeing those stupid glasses and then hearing the typical ‘I’m a geek solely because of these gay ass glasses!’ Gah we should destroy them all! >:)

  4. Absolutely loved this. You took the words right out of my mouth and there are a couple of people I ought to send this “glasses =/= nerd” memo to.
    I take small pride in the fact that as the first year of University draws to a close a lot of the people around me have already abandoned the party-every-night attitude and have started being genuinely fascinated when I “geek out” and ramble Doctor-Who-style about whatever fact pops into my head. I think they’re slowly turning into proper nerds and it’s great!

    • Gemma Says:

      Why thankyou, I’m glad you enjoyed it and that we think alike! ^_^ It’s wonderful when people actually take an interest in your own nerdy interests and find their own! We’re slowly turning the world geeky, one person at a time ;D

  5. Amy-Lee Says:

    ahahahahah loved it 🙂 funny as bat shit! i like the bit “will still probably end up owning 30 cats”

  6. planettwentytwo Says:

    This is an awesome blog!! How did I not see this?! You know what pisses me off? When people say I’m ‘sad’ or scoff when they find out I read comics, then in the next sentence say how much they loved Iron Man and The Avengers movie! Ah… um….. dumb asses!

    OH and the ‘nerd’ girls that wear comic tees but have no idea about the comics or characters!! I walked past a girl jogging a while ago, she was wearing a ‘talk nerdy to me’ tee. Now, if I went up and talked about how I think Dick Grayson should still be Batman or the New 52, do you think she would stick around and talk?

    Wow… I should have kept all of this for a blog of my own 😉

    • Gemma Says:

      Aw thankyou! 😀 Reading comics isn’t sad, its awesome! 😀 Yeah I don’t think they seem to realise how stupid they actually sound saying that and how hypocritical they’re being, idiots 🙂 OMG that annoys me too! They think they look cool wearing that stuff, but unless you have the awesome nerdy interests to back it up, I’m not interested 😛 I’ve seen a really Barbie like girl wearing a tee saying ‘I’m bringing nerdy back’, I’m like -_____- no, you’re REALLY not 😛

      • planettwentytwo Says:

        Exactly! So hypocritical but too dumb to realise. lol I don’t mean to sound nasty, but this is the truth! They can’t back up their nerdiness. Plastic glasses are try hard.. and so Revenge of the Nerds.

        Who would have thought that Barbies would go out of their way to look like nerds..

        Crazy world!

      • Gemma Says:

        Hey, us nerds get tormented enough as it is, I think if those sort of people can dish it out to us they need to expect it back, so its not nasty at all 😛 I know, I just don’t understand people in general 😛

      • planettwentytwo Says:

        Good point. Please, continue with the pro-nerdiness. 😀

        I wonder if the fakes will be showing up to Free Comic Book Day today? 😛 lol

      • Gemma Says:

        Haha don’t worry, I definately will! 😀 I think I will be a nerd for life, hoorah! 😀
        If they did I’d be completely shocked! 😛

  7. mandarox Says:

    Haha, awesome blog, and soo true. As another animal-loving, book reading and game playing nerd, I can see exactly what your talkling about (although I don’t think the nerd = cool craze has hit my area yet). I think I’m glad it hasn’t, all the people pretending to be nerds might just drive me insane!

    Reading, Minecraft and animals FTW!

    • Gemma Says:

      Thankyou love, and thanks for the comment! 🙂 There are good and bad aspects of the whole craze, some people are actually geniunely becoming nerdy, but yes, the people that pretend to be nerds makes you want to rip those stupid glasses off their face and shove them far up their rectum 🙂
      Haha, agreed! 😀

  8. beckyday6 Says:

    Haha, this is awesome! 🙂 I’m so glad you brought up the point about the glasses, luckily they seem to be on the decline, but at one point you couldn’t walk out of your own house without seeing someone wearing them!
    Great post!

    • Gemma Says:

      Thankyou lovely! ^_^ I know hey, every second person was wearing them, they have become one of my biggest pet peeves! 😛

  9. Nice! I like the spirit of your blog, I’ll definitely be following it 🙂

  10. yes1and Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog — it makes me unreasonably Happy to find another member of the Proud Nerd Tribe! I think that being geeky about something just means you are enthusastic about something, that you care.

    Caring about something and not bothering with what other people think of that is cool.

    Just like bow ties. 🙂

    • Gemma Says:

      No worries my dear, thanks for stopping by mine in return! 😀 It is always wonderful to find fellow nerds! Exactly, and that is what makes being a nerd wonderful, being able to absolutely freak out over awesome things whether they are considered cool or not 😀 Nerd on! 😀

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