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In the merry month of May! May 10, 2012

Today my blog is one month old, hip hip hooray! 😀

 When I first started, I thought by now I might have one or two people interested in reading what I have to write, and maybe 100 views or so. A whopping 56 followers and 800 views later, I am amazed! I never thought that my little corner of the internet would gather so much interest so quickly! So this is just a post to say thankyou so much to all of those people who have checked out my blog and subscribed! ^_^ All of your lovely comments have continued to put a smile on my face each day, and I have loved talking to every single one of you! Thankyou for making my so far short-lived blogging experience so enjoyable, and I hope to be getting to know you all better over the course of this blog 🙂

As for getting inside this crazy person’s head, here is some more completely useless facts about myself:

1) I absolutely love lame jokes. My favourites are:

‘What’s the hurry? We’d love you to stick around for dinner.’

 Yeah. We could have whatever’s “lion” around!’

 ‘Oh wait, wait, wait. I got one, I got one. Make mine a “cub” sandwich!’ (From the Lion King :D)


If I love anything more than lame jokes, it’s lame Chemistry jokes 😀

2) I solely go for my football team Richmond Tigers in AFL because of how awesome their club song is. I mean listen to it!

3) I like chicken salt on my fish. I know, even I think its weird. Weird . . . . . and tasty 😀

4) I have recently re-kindled my love affair with anime. I loved it when I was a kid, and now 10+ years later, I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to watch Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Digimon, One Piece and Dragonball Z. This is largely due to the discovery of an anime shop that sells every possible type of anime merchandise a geek could hope for, lots of which I am seriously considering buying 😀

5) I worked at a wildlife park for almost 4 years. It has been my first and only job (talk about a lucky teenager!) It was an amazing place filled with wonderful animals that I grew strong attachments too, and I had so many unforgettable experiences there. Holding and catching baby saltwater crocodiles and huge pythons everyday, playing chasey with a sweet but stubborn donkey, cuddling koalas and forming close bonds with two wonderful affectionate Black Cockatoos and a beautiful kangaroo are just some of the many things that I will never forget. Sadly, the place closed down due to a fire in the lower area of the park, where some of our birds, such as our Boobook Owls and gorgeous Barking Owl died, and the owners were not willing to rebuild. The remaining animals have now been housed all around South Australia and Victoria, and I miss them dearly. Hopefully one day I will be able to travel and see some of them again, as they will always hold a special place in my heart!

My beautiful Bobbi!

Best lunch breaks ever!

And lastly 6) I love the 50’s. I honestly sometimes wish I was born back then. The music! The fashion! The grease monkeys! The chivalry! Give me an old school 50’s diner playing Elvis and I’ll be there in a flash, Poodle Skirt, lame dance moves and all 😀

I’d just like to thank you all again for being so lovely and for reading my posts! 🙂 And as for my ranting. . . .

. . . . I plan to continue 😀


15 Responses to “In the merry month of May!”

  1. beckyday6 Says:

    Ooohhh my god I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the picture of you with the snake! I have a snake phobia! Agghh.

    Whoaa that’s a crazy amount of followers, I’m so glad your blog has been really popular, you seem like a great gal 🙂

    P.S. This just proves that insane people rule!! 😉

    • Gemma Says:

      Haha its ok, I have a spider/bug phobia! 😛 I encountered a lot of people with snake phobias while I was there! I always tried to convince them to have a little pat, the snakes were real sweeties, I loved them to bits! 🙂 Aw thankyou so much! You are absolutely lovely! ^_^ Haha insane people definately rule! ;D

  2. Curly Carly Says:

    Congrats on growing your blog following so quickly! Excited to read more!

  3. planettwentytwo Says:

    Thank you for my introduction into lame chemistry jokes! Lame jokes and puns are the BEST! 🙂

    It’s a shame you follow the Tigers! I do agree that their club song is one of the best, especially when there’s 50,000 people singing it at once… well the ‘yellow and black’ part anyway 😉

    • Gemma Says:

      Haha I’m glad you agree! Lame jokes are the shit! 😀 The Batman one had my laughing for a full 5 minutes, I think my boyfriend thought I was a bit deranged 😛
      Hey! Tigers are awesome . . . . . ish 😛 Which team do you follow? 🙂 Hahahaha its amusing hearing the crowd mumble half the song then get excited and screech ‘YELLOW AND BLACK!’ 😛 I totally don’t do that /shifty eyes 😀

      • planettwentytwo Says:

        I’m guessing the sodium is replacing the “nananananananananana” right? Fat cat with box tie and glasses. Best! 😀
        Tigers are oook. I’m Hawks. 😉
        YES! It’s like they don’t care about the rest of the song but all join in with the YELLOW AND BLACK! 🙂 I’ve been guilty of joining in too.. lol

      • Gemma Says:

        Hehe yes 😀 Isn’t so easy to sing it properly with the word sodium though 😛
        Well you guys are doing better than us so far 😛 I’m planning on going and seeing Richmond when they have to play Adelaide in SA, I hope they win just so I can belt out their song 😀 OH WE’RE FROM TIGER LAND! 😀

  4. If you like lame jokes then check these ones out;

    What Go’s Oooooooo….
    A Cow with no lips.


    3 Ducks Walk into a Wall.
    Quack! Quack! Quack!

    PS Thanks for the like 😀

  5. I love the Lion King..Its the best Disney film by far! 🙂

  6. withnid Says:

    Oh my I love love love animals 😀 Especially snakes 😉 Keep posting 😀 And thanks for visiting my blog xD

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