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Scumbag Brain September 10, 2012

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Why my brain is currently a total asshole:

1) My persistent writers block

In the past month, I have lost count of how many blog posts I have started and deleted. I have wanted to rant about stupid uni assignments and dumb people, rave about my current book obsession and Dragon Age some more, and just simply talk about many wonderful things that I hold close to my heart, but I seem to have had a complete inability to type such things in a way that doesn’t sound like I just smashed my head against the keyboard. Often after being determined to blog, I will sit at the computer for half an hour staring at a blank screen, type a sentence, delete it, stare at the screen for another half hour, then crack a tantrum and give up. My brain seems to be stuck in scientific mode with all my Biology assignments I have been writing and just doesn’t want to comply with my creative desire to blog.

2) My need to remember every demonic movie I have seen when its dark

Brain: ‘Pssssst, Gemma….. now that you’ve turned the light off, remember that time you saw Gothica and there was that demon child that would always appear out of no where in the dark and freaked the shit out of you? Yeah, that was some scary shit, anyway, sweet dreams!’

Or I’ll remember the ‘ghost’ videos I’ve seen. Or supernatural stories people have told me. Or movies where aliens rip your face off. Sometimes I think my brain prefers to torment me over sleeping.

3) The fact that rather than remembering the hours of exam revision, my brain likes to sing Bohemian Rhapsody to me during exams.

Every. single. time.

4) Female hormones

They are stupid, irrational and often cloud thoughts and create drama and jealously out of nothing. My brain stimulates the creation of these lovely things, so I am holding it personally responsible. If you are going to fill me with feminine hormones, at least make them practical ones that will add to a womanly figure in the chest or buttocks region where they can be of some nice  use rather than making me moody and weepy for no reason. Please and thankyou.

5) That the best thing I can come up with to blog about at the moment is a whole bunch of whining.

/insert more whingeing here 😛

I am hoping holidays next week will be able to return my poor creatively starved brain to its normal state so I can stop being so frustrated at myself for lack of writing. Hopefully this irritable mood I have gotten myself into can be cured with chocolate for the time being while I am completing my pile of assignments. It hasn’t worked very well so far, but that just means I gotta eat more right? 😛


16 Responses to “Scumbag Brain”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Hahaha there’s absolutely no shame in singing Bohemian Rhapsody!…Although it would suck if that’s all you can think about during an exam :/

    • Gemma Says:

      It usually is all I can think about . . . . when ever I get stuck on a question and hear the inevitable ‘Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy?’ I know I’m doomed for the rest of the exam 😛 I usually I love the song (Queen is amazing!) but during exams I come to hate it 😛

      • Jeremy Says:

        Hahaha by the time “caught in a landslide” comes through your head all you can do is despair 😛 Queen is my favourite band, and Freddy Mercury is amaze-balls as a vocalist and front man 🙂 Never us a song you like as your alarm tone! You end up despising it!

      • Gemma Says:

        Hahahaha pretty much! 😛 Queen is one of my favourites too, I absolutely adore ‘Crazy Little thing called love’, ‘Another one bites the dust’, ‘Seaside rendezvous, ‘Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon’…… the list kinda goes on 😛 Haha I’ve found that out the hard way before, fortunately though I was smart enough not to use one of my favourites (some catchy little pop song), it was still a song I generally liked and listened to a fair bit, but now I have vowed to never listen to it again 😀

  2. I understand you are battling but this was hilarious 🙂 Looks like you’re over the writers block. Go eat more chocolate (always worth a try) and I’m sure the holidays will help immensely. Looking forward to it.

    • Gemma Says:

      Haha I’m glad I am still able to be entertaining even when I’m whinging! 🙂 I was worried I’d just bore everyone to death 😛 I think I’m getting there, even just writing about stupid writers block helped a bit! 🙂

  3. Shea Says:

    #2 happens to me every time I turn the lights off (and when its dark and I have to go past all the windows to go to the loo haha)

    • Gemma Says:

      Having to get up in the dark after thinking about all the things that could be lurking in the dark is the worst D: I always end up bolting back to bed figuring if I’ll be able to outrun any demonic creature with my super speed haha ;P

  4. beckyday6 Says:

    Haha number three, I get that too! Not with that specific song, but with Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry! (Because exams turn me into a weeping child) At first I’ll sing it to make me feel better – and it works. But then it won’t go away, and it’s irritatingly positive outlook will start to annoy me (and be not to mention distracting!) when I am trying to remember about Beta Blockers and synapses. -_-

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the blogging block. I often find that the harder you try to think of something to write, the less you can think of to write! At the end of the day, blogging is supposed to be fun, so if you need to take a break from it that’s ok too. Although, I fully understand the desperate need to post so you can have awesome conversations with intelligent internet people you have never met! 😛 It’s the best!!

    I hope biology stuff is going ok, and that you haven’t had to do any more assignments on worms. :L All the best! XO

    • Gemma Says:

      Hahahaha that would be the worst, sitting there trying to remember exam info while being convinved you are completely screwed meanwhile all you can hear ‘Don’t worry about a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright!’ 😛 I think thats actually been half my problem, I’ve wanted to blog so badly, but then the time I have wanted to I have cracked a tanty, and then two days later I have felt like I really should try again and trying to force it ends up with another impending tantrum haha 😛 It is the best, I’ve really missed talking to everyone! Aw thankyou lovely, I havn’t had to do any assignments on worms again yet, but enteric parasites are no better and if anything even more boring! 😛 Damn uni -___- x

  5. mandarox Says:

    Isn’t writers block the worst? Sometimes I really want to write something but all that comes out is gibber gabber 😦

    After I saw Paranormal Activity, I didn’t sleep well for weeks. No more horror movies for me. Since then, I haven’t really had my brain telling me scary things at night 🙂

    I don’t care what you blog about (even if it is whining, actually your whining is very entertaining) I just want something to read! 😛

    • Gemma Says:

      It really is! But even just talking about writers block seems to help break it a little 🙂 I’m horrible with horror movies, and from what I’ve heard I am not motivated in the slightest to see Paranormal Activity 😛 Hahaha I’m glad that I am still able to be entertaining even when I’m having a whinge, I was worried I’d turned into a wet blanket 😛

  6. Jessica Says:

    Eat some chocolate, cuddle some animals, and hang in there. You’re creativity will come back, Gemma! 😉

  7. Zen Says:

    No. 2 happens to me all the time! Last night the power was out and I was alone, and my overactive imagination kicked into gear. I was terrified of my own shadow!

    Also, if you think Bohemian Rhapsody is bad… my brain decided to play Mambo Italiano in my head one night when I was trying to sleep, and I ended up not sleeping a wink. And I had work the next day. I was dead tired.

    • Gemma Says:

      Over active imaginations are one of those things that you never know whether its a good thing to have or not, it can be your best friend but also your worst enemy! 😛 That would have been horrible! D: Hahaha you must have been so frustrated at your brain, obviously while you wanted sleep it had other evil ideas 😛

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