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Schoooool’s out for summer! School’s out forever! (I wish) December 7, 2012

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‘School’s been blown to pieces!’ Bit far? 😛

At last, I no longer have to do any more revision or stress over exams or drink a huge amount of caffeine just to be able to function. At last, no more Uni or long bus rides or falling asleep in lectures. Instead I have THREE MONTHS OF WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS! 😀 And being in Australia, this means these wonderful holidays also include the awesome season of summer! Now, take note that I use the term ‘awesome’ very loosely when it comes to summer. For example, right now I am inside in an air-conditioned room eating my summer fruits in a summery dress sitting by a window looking out into the lovely blue sky. Right now, summer is awesome! Later, I will have to step outside of my air conditioned house and walk to the bus stop while sweating profusely, feel like I am literally melting, having my skin scorched and will have a shit-ton of flies (Shit-ton: An ambiguously large number, larger than a crapton, but less than a holyfuckton. Usually equal to one metric ass load) trying to shove themselves up into every possible crevice on my face. Later, summer will be shithouse! Summer and I, we have a love-hate relationship, so many things to love, but so many things to hate!

Things to love:

– The Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach?! Swimming, a night time stroll, watching a sunset, having a picnic, playing a game of footy, add the beach to these normal activities and it makes them a million times more awesome! Spending a day at the beach with the lovely relaxing atmosphere it creates is totally worth the sandy butt crack you have by the end of the day!

Perhaaaps this isn’t the best way to deal with it though! 😛

– Summer fruits

SO MUCH LOVE! I find it almost impossible throughout the other seasons to eat healthy snacks as nothing is in season aside from the fact I whole heartedly respond with great gusto to my body wanting fatty foods 😛 But in summer: mangos, watermelon, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, kiwifruit and oranges are available by the dozen, and I couldn’t be happier! Summer is probably the season I am the healthiest due to the sheer amount of mangos I consume alone, messy but delicious 😀

– Night time activities

Because of the longer days and Australian daylight saving, it only gets dark around 8-9 o’clock at night throughout summer! This gives you these wonderful extra hours to enjoy a lovely summers day without the scorching sun, which is best spent out walking, at the beach or simply having a waterfight in the back yard 😀

– Thongs

And no my English and American friends, I am not referring to the thong that is situated between your buttocks cheeks, I am referring to the good ol’ Aussie thongs, maybe better known as flip flops 🙂 While I’m not sure on the popularity or opinion of this footwear around the rest of the world, almost every Aussie owns a pair of these shoes. I find them so comfortable and wear them all summer long, hell, I can even run in these babies, though it definitely takes practice! 😛

– BBQ’s

There is nothing better than having a few friends over on a lovely summer evening while chucking a couple snags on the BBQ 🙂 It smells amazing, it tastes amazing, what is there not to love?! 😀

– Ice cream

Pretty self explanatory 😉 And mango sorbet is pretty awesome too!

-Summer rain

I don’t know what it is, but I find the smell of the air just before a summers rain amazing. The moisture in the air, the tingle of electricity, it is such an earthy but wonderful smell. Often I’ll watch the spectacular lightning and thunder display that follows this smell, but then go back outside again just after the rain has stopped, after the earth is damp, atmosphere has cooled and before the moisture is evaporated and again enjoy the simple but glorious smells. I always love the smell of rain, but it is always better in summer!

Things to hate:


Summer also unfortunately is that time of year where bugs make their presence quite known and they also happen to like to pop into your house and say G’day! Finding random spiders throughout the house daily, killing a hundred mosquitos so they don’t make a meal of you and swatting away the gazillion flies that insist of following you EVERYWHERE is what awaits you in an Australian summer. If there is one thing you have to admire them for, it is their persistence! But god almighty do I hate hearing that ‘bzzzzzzzzz’ constantly circling my head -___-

– Sleeping

Usually I love sleeping, but in summer, it is the worst! In winter when you are cold at night, its as simple as putting your electric blanket on or grabbing a hot water bottle, hopping under the covers and cuddling a boyfriend/girlfriend or a pillow and off you drift to dream land! In summer, you can sleep butt freaking naked with the fan blowing directly on you without the covers and the sheets are still sticking to your sweaty body!

– Stupid tan lines

Having an olive skin tone can be great, but by the end of summer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Because my skin likes to soak up rays like there is no tomorrow, by the end of summer I have a different tan line for each piece of clothing I have regularly worn out in the sun! Last year I think I counted about 5 different tan lines on my shoulders, 4 on my back, 4 on my feet and 3 on my legs! At the end of summer I am very thankful for the oncoming winter so I can hide underneath jumpers and pants waiting for my skin to stop looking a tad bit demented 😛

– Humidity

While I love the smell of summer rain, I certainly don’t like how it feels after the moisture has been evaporated back into the air! The sheer heat of summer is bad enough on its own, but when the humidity is high and it’s muggy as all hell it is the worst! Also, humidity+curly hair honestly does result in what is depicted above! Its ok cartoon weather girl, I know your pain all too well! 😛

– Boyfriend’s car

It can reach 40+ degrees celsius around Adelaide. My boyfriends car also happens to not have air conditioning. We are in for one hell of a summer when it comes to car rides! 😛 I think we are going to have to have all the windows down otherwise we are going to get roasted!

Sticking our heads out the window when we drive is sounding mighty fine right about now!

Nevertheless, through the good and the bad, I plan to enjoy this summer through wonderful day trips out with the boyfriend, sitting out the back reading a great book or sitting inside watching anime, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory or playing Skyrim or Lego Lord of the Rings! 😀 And blogging of course 😉

I’m baaaaaaccccck!



14 Responses to “Schoooool’s out for summer! School’s out forever! (I wish)”

  1. Zen A. Says:

    Welcome back! You’ve been away far too long. It’s odd how you start your summer when here it’s getting very cold. I have a love-hate relationship with summer too, though it leans towards hate most of the time. I enjoy the summer fruits, ice-cream and longer days, but I absolutely cannot stand the heat. Here we get a lot of electricity outages during summer, so it’s even more unbearable because no AC/fan! It’s not something I look forward to at all. 😦

    • Gemma Says:

      Hehe thanks! I agree, I have been gone way way too long! Oh that would suck!! Thats understandable why you would mostly hate summer, no fan/AC would make anyone go crazy! D:

  2. B Says:

    I want to be living exactly where you are right now. It is so cold here that I am forced to get changed under the bed covers. I also cannot remember what it was like to have feet that weren’t freezing. Just you’re mentioning of the beach turned me green with envy.

    Congratulations on finishing all your exams, I hope they went well. Enjoy the sun and soak up as many of those rays as possible. I’ll be living vicariously through you until summer returns to England.

    • Gemma Says:

      Damn, it must be freezing over there right about now! D: Urgh feet are the worst in winter,no matter what you do they are never warm and toasty! 😛 Thankyou, I think they all went well, just waiting for my results to come out now! 😀 Haha then we can swap and while it is winter over here I will live through you and your summer! 😛

  3. Awesome. I am such a fan of flip flops or “thongs”, so much so that I try to sneak wearing them at work whenever I can. People shouldn’t tell you what to wear on your feet dang it!

  4. It’s nice to know that people in both Australia and New Jersey use the phrase “shit-ton”. 😉 Happy Summer to you Gemma! I’m hoping for very little snow on this side of the world this winter.

    • Gemma Says:

      Hahaha it is a word I have only recently come across and have found its so relevant for so many situations! 😛 Thankyou love! Hopefully we can both enjoy the seasons what we are having! 🙂

  5. Ned's Blog Says:

    Great post, and the photos/graphics are hilarious! The sand crack and dog with his head out the window are my favorites. Funny stuff!

  6. mandarox Says:

    Welcome back! Ah, the Australian Summer, I empathise with your love/hate relationship. Sometimes I think “Summer is the best season ever! I want it to be like this all the time! <3", and then other times I'm like "Too… frickin'… hot…" *fans self*. Awesome post 🙂

    • Gemma Says:

      Thankyou dear! 🙂 Hahaha I can never seem happy with the weather either, I like to change my mind every day 😛 Awww thankyou so much love, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 😀

  7. Shea Says:

    Maybe that’s why you’re sick the majority of the year, cause you only eat healthy in Summer 😉

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