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A big belated thankyou! December 11, 2012

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Over the past couple months I may have been absent, but it certainly didn’t escape my notice that some of my lovely followers had nominated me for some lovely awards in my time away! While some of them were from a while ago and some only recently, I thought I would make up a quick post to say thankyou to all of those wonderful followers who nominated me as well as make some nominations of my own! 🙂

Oh Yes They Did nominated me for the Readers Appreciation Award! OhYesTheyDid can be described perfectly by the bloggers opening statement in her ‘About’: ‘Let’s face it, people are stupid, and stupid people are amusing!’ From shitty inventions sold on Etsy to stories about people who are completely nuts, OhYesTheyDid always provides a great laugh! 🙂

My nomination: Blogs-of-a-Bookaholic – Becky always gives such great indepth and honest book reviews (and even when she doesn’t like a book she directs you to another blog/review to provide you with a different opinion so she doesn’t potentially put you off of a book that you may like) that I think she deserves some Readers Appreciation! 🙂

Long Life Cats and Dogs nominated me for the Illuminating Blogger Award! Susan is an animal lover that started her blog in the hope of introducing the lives of the people and animals in Animal Welfare Shelters and wishes to work towards animal awareness!

My nomination: Mikumi Musings – A very illuminating blog into what it is like to live for a year in Africa! Her stories are so interesting though she does have trouble sometimes with her internet connection due to elephants rubbing up against the satellite dish! 😉

EatSleepProcrastinate nominated me for the Sunshine Award! Rob writes about everything and anything. Besides having a great sense of humor and writing style I think Rob pretty much describes the basis of life with his blog name! 😉

My nominations: Rambles, rants and raves – I love this girl’s blog so much! B is such a fantastic writer and her posts are always so true and really make you think about how we function (and how messed up our perception is) as a society.

Random Rants – She is one of the few people on WordPress that I actually know in person and we have been friends for many years 🙂 She has just started up her blog, so check it out! If you like Dr. Who, you and her will get along just fine! 😛

The wonderful Rambles, Rants and Raves mentioned above nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award! Again, and I stress this – LOOK AT HER BLOG RIGHT NOW! 🙂

My nomination: Lots’boutnothin’ – One of the first bloggers that I began properly having conversations with and even emailing each other rants about the Hunger Games, she is a wonderful easy going person with a very refreshing and inspiring view on life 🙂 and has some very cute cats!

And finally, Defining Wonderland and Lots about nothin (as mentioned above) nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award (an appreciation award for those with less than 200 followers)! Defining Wonderland poses questions, tells stories and offers words of wisdom that she has gathered through ‘this strange thing we call life’ 🙂 I always love reading her stories and positive outlooks on life!

My nomination: The Postulating Engineer – Jeremy likes sci-fi, books, loves nerdy things and writes great reviews on movies, besides being a lovely person to have a conversation with! 🙂

Thankyou again for all the lovely nominations guys, I really appreciate it! 🙂 Rather than telling you 7 points about myself for EACH award, I have answered a set of questions given to me by Defining Wonderland with my award, and those you I have nominated, I pass on this set of questions to you too so get answering! 😛

1) What is your favorite 80′s film and why?

Back to the Future. My brother and I watched this movie dozens of times and I am still not sick of it, besides, the idea of time travel fascinates me!

2) If you could live in any fictional world, which one would it be?

Pandora on the movie Avatar before the humans came to exploit their resources. Pandora shows us an almost alternate universe of how humans could have interacted with their world, care for it, nurture it, live harmoniously with it……. the alternative we did not choose. For me, Pandora would be my paradise, the beautiful scenery, the simplified way of life, the unique animals …. if I could just forget about the whole creepy ‘lets have sex with our ponytails which we also happen to attach to the horses we ride’ 😛

3) A time machine is invented, but a person can only take one trip.  Do you go to the past or the future?  Why?

Definitely the past when humanity wasn’t so screwed up. Maybe I could go back to the 80’s with my boyfriend and we could attend many Bon Jovi concerts and live in the rock n’ roll era 😀 Oh, and also go and see Queen! 😀

4) How did you come up with the title of your blog?

Was playing around with 2 word combinations of what sounded catchy but would also describe me in a nutshell. Three days later…. Remain Insane was born 😉

5) What is the most important item on your bucket list?

To at least go to Borneo once in my lifetime to work with my beloved orangutans. One day, I don’t know when, I don’t know for how long and I don’t know how, but one day I will hold those darling orphaned baby orangutans in my arms and probably cry my eyes out with joy! 🙂

6) All’s fair in love and war.   True or false?

False. With my understanding of the statement my rebuttal is: Just because something can be explained by an emotion as strong as love or as an event as significant as war doesn’t necessarily make it fair.

7) What is your go-to karaoke (or shower) song?

It changes all the time! 😛 At the moment it is ’50 Ways to say Goodbye’ by Train 😀

8) Which sense could you live without?

Wow this one was a hard one! After going through the senses, I decided I would have to live without smell (lets just pretend it doesn’t affect my taste! :P), I’ve got too many other uses for touch, sight, hearing and taste!

9) Would you rather be loved because you are needed or needed because you are loved?

Needed because I am loved 🙂

10) What do you really think of these blogging awards?

I think they are a lovely way to brighten someones day and say ‘Hey you there, I like your blog and word vomit, keep it up!’ 🙂

11) Where were you on your eleventh birthday?

Desperately waiting for my Hogwarts letter. Actually, I’m still kinda hoping my letter just got lost in the mail and it’ll eventually find its way to me….. they’d still take a 21-year-old right…… RIGHT?! D:

Until next time lovlies! ^_^


2 Responses to “A big belated thankyou!”

  1. beckyday6 Says:

    Thank you for all the kind words Gemma! It means a lot. 🙂

    Hope everything’s good on your end!

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