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Mounted cat heads, hyney’s and animal penises – The strange people who stumbled across my blog with strange Google searches July 31, 2013

As bloggers, there is nothing we like better than to visually see the virtual love our little internet space is accumulating in the form of followers, likes, comments, and more importantly, the amount of views shown on our stats pages. Whether it be 30, 300, or even 3000 views, seeing that little bar graph grow and expand is a way to let us know people have stopped by, visited our page and read our awesome blogs. On the surface, these stats and views look pretty as a picture and always give a much needed confidence boost that fellow bloggers like your stuff. After a while however, you will notice that it is not just other bloggers that are coming across your page, but also random people that have entered particular terms into a search engine, and lo’ and behold, your blog has popped up! At some point, you will become curious as to exactly what words and phrases are leading people to your blog, and will delve into the ‘Search Engine Terms’ to find out. I did as such, expecting to see a normal bunch of search terms and be able to place what searches had lead to what post. Boy was I wrong! Turns out, a lot of people have come across my blog searching for a bunch of very fucked up *ahem* strange things, in which my blog would have no doubt left them sorely disappointed 😛 So without further ado, here are some of the weirdest people with the weirdest Google searches to ever grace my blog!

Brace yourselves people, we are entering the underbelly of the ‘Search engine terms’ 😛

‘Cockroach shit’

Really? Cockroach shit? I’m always one for weird animal facts, but come on, there has to be something a bit more interesting to spend your time googling, like cat memes! 😀

‘Mounted Cat Heads’


‘Hyena penis’, ‘Lion Penis’, ‘Baby Orangutan Penis’, ‘Animal penises’.

Wow people of the internet, you really like your animal penises! Sorry folks, though I have (in my ‘Useless Animal Facts’) mentioned a female hyena’s pseudo-penis and a lion’s scary spiked ding-a-ling, I don’t actually provide a whole A-Z of animal shlongs!


I seriously hope you are an atrocious speller and were searching for ‘Hyena’, because there are certainly no hyney’s on this blog! Sorry to disappoint, maybe if you get straight to point and search the terms ‘butt’ or ‘bum’ you’ll find what you’re after? 😛

‘Carly Rae Jepsen butt’

Oh, well in that case……. no, there are still no butt cheeks or cracks to be seen here. Go away!

‘Nude pics from warm summer rain’

What?! What have I just been saying?! How did you even get here?! Oh wait, I know, it was when I said one of my favourite things was summer rain wasn’t it? Sorry to get your hopes up, all you would have found would have been a picture of rain, not very good masturbatory material! Here, let me make it up to you, here is a photo of a wet pussy!

Come on really, what else did you expect? ;P

‘Sailor Moon sex’

So after just specifically specifying I have no buttock’s or nude pictures, you think I’ll have hentai on here too?! SAILOR MOON IS A CHILDHOOD FAVOURITE OF MINE, GET LOST YOU HOBO!

‘Skinny teen anal’


‘I am the reptilian satan still i am the most beautiful man alive. women love me and my huge phallus in great demand’

Ok, so when I first saw this, I searched the term assuming it could only be song lyrics………….. it’s not. I don’t even…….I can’t understand……….


 I can’t even begin to unravel this one or even comprehend what post attracted this person to my blog, so all I have to say is, yes, I am quite sure you’re huge evil reptilian willy is in great demand with the ladies /pats head and slips medication into drink 😛

Next time you check out your stats page, I dare you to search a little deeper into your search terms to see what you find. While you may come out of it a little scarred and have less understanding of the human race, but I promise it will give you a giggle 😛 Though if you decide to write a post about it like I have, be prepared to have even more weird search terms pop up over the next few weeks as a result of writing about them (I am now expecting an influx of porn/sex/phallus searches now, mother of god :P). Out of all the search terms in my list, my favourite has to be: ‘Crazy people talking about nothing’, which is stumbling across and visiting my blog for exactly the right reasons 😉

Until next time lovelies 🙂


17 Responses to “Mounted cat heads, hyney’s and animal penises – The strange people who stumbled across my blog with strange Google searches”

  1. beckyday6 Says:

    Lol, I was just going to say I bet you’ll get a load more weird ones now!

    I’ve seen a few people use this idea for a blog post but whenever I got to my search terms I have surprisingly little crazy ones like this. A few use bad English and there’s some cases of bizarre, but my search terms mostly remain good old fashioned normal. Ohh well, there’s still time! 😛

    • Gemma Says:

      Haha I hope I don’t pay too dearly for it! 😛
      That is good though that the right type of people are coming across and reading your blog rather than someone obviously looking for porn 😛 Seriously, I don’t even know how my blog was an option to choose in the search engine 😛 Haha very true, give them time, they will come eventually 😛

      • beckyday6 Says:

        Haha that’s true I guess, but I would love to have a few funnies. I looked through them again and did find one, ‘man tied to a chair’ but I’m pretty sure that was because of a book cover with a man tied to a chair on it. 😛

        Yeah, I think most of the weird search engine terms are from spammers, but I’m still not sure how it gets from that search term to our blogs, it would be interesting to know! 🙂

      • Gemma Says:

        Hahaha maybe, or it could be someone searching for something sinister……. or kinky, either or haha 😛 Keep an eye out for them, because when some funnies pop up they certainly give you a laugh! 🙂
        Haha it would be interesting to know! For now I guess we’ll have to put it down to the joys of the internet and public access 😛

  2. Emory Says:

    Whoa there son. You have some messed up people visiting your blog. :O This was a joy to read! You are certainly going to get some strange search terms now! Hope you get some that aren’t related to kitten taxidermy! 😉

    • Gemma Says:

      My thoughts exactly 😛 The weirdest has to be that reptilian satan one, I literally don’t even know what the hell that person was thinking 😛 Haha I’ll keep an eye out for them, I’m hoping I don’t get too many more, from the looks of this I already have enough weirdo’s dropping by! 😛

  3. mandarox Says:

    Wow, you have such unusual search terms! I’m really curious about what that last person was thinking 😛 I just went through the whole list of my search terms, per your suggestion, and every single one of them are normal. There wasn’t even any swearing, only a couple of foreign languages.

  4. Ned's Blog Says:

    I have to admit, after seeing some of the search terms, the phrase “dig deeper” kind of freaks me out a bit… 😉

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