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The Return of the Ranter February 10, 2014

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Kinda like ‘The Return of the King’ (being the third time I have been gone for months and then returned) but with little less LOTR epicness and a little more of this juvenile crap:


Remain Insane has had a facelift and a revamp, so to my old and new lovely followers, let me re-acquaint myself with you:

About the Blogger:

Gemma likes to think of herself as a witty closet journalist, so decided she would share this with the world and create a blog. The plan was to wow viewers with her well researched and thought out posts, however after recent review it has been found that actually, Gemma just spew’s forth a whole load of verbal diarrhoea along with gifs and cat memes in an attempt to provide ‘LOLZ’. She entertained the idea of perhaps changing her blog content to something a little more sophisticated, but then got distracted by a video of dog dancing to ‘Shake That’, and hence has continued to fill her blog with her raving. And cats. She will occasionally talk about something serious here and there, but will mostly crap on like a lunatic.

Gemma amazingly managed to drag herself through 4 years of uni in an Animal Behaviour degree, and is now waiting on her official piece of paper so she can start regularly using the phrase ‘Trust me, I’m a scientist’. At 16, she managed to snag the best ‘first job’ ever and started working in an Aussie wildlife park, cuddling koalas, wrestling crocodiles and taming snakes, which she thought was pretty awesome. From this, she decided she would like to spend her life working towards animal care and conservation. She currently volunteers at a zoo making animal toys, and talks about her most favourite and loved animal; orangutans, every chance she gets. It must also be noted that Gemma has realised that she hates people, a lot. She likes to claim she isn’t antisocial, she just thinks people are stupid. Being an old fashioned nancy, one of Gemma’s favourite things is to rant about people who she secretly suspects to have an IQ of single digits.

– Additional useless details –

Video games and books are the best. Gemma has a cat called Jasper who acts like a dog. All things nerdy are absolutely wonderful. Big Bang Theory and Scrubs is the shit, full stop no returns. If you don’t think the Lion King is THE BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER, don’t discuss this with Gemma, as she will become unnecessarily aggravated and violent. Gemma also apparently likes to talk about herself in third person.

After spending the past 6 months having to write 3000 word essays galore, I was unsure if I would ever log back in to WordPress. After whinging and whining about having to write so much for Uni, I have been 110% unmotivated to spend my spare time at the computer doing more typing, so accepted that my blog may lie dormant forevermore. But no sooner than my last assignment left my hands, my urge to blog came back. And hence, here I am, ready to fill your feeds with ranting and rambling again 😀

Just thought I’d give you all a heads up 😉


2 Responses to “The Return of the Ranter”

  1. Zen A. Says:

    Congrats on finishing university! Also, I loved your posts – they always gave me a much needed laugh. 😉 I do agree with you about Scrubs – that show is awesome. Except the final season. We do not speak of the final season.

    And I’ve never seen that video before! It’s amazing how seamless it looks!

    • Gemma Says:

      Thankyou love! It was such a relief handing the last assignment in! 😀 Hehe I’m glad you like them, because I plan to continue rambling just as I did before 😉 What last season? 😉 Honestly, I watched 3 episodes and have never attempted watching it again, it is just urgh -_-

      Haha I know! Makes me laugh every time, and then I have ‘Trololololol’ stuck in my head for the rest of the day 😛

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