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A month too long! August 22, 2012

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After quite a long hiatus on my part, I thought I better quickly drop by to let all of my lovely subscribers know that I have not jumped ship and abandoned my blogging baby, she just needs a little dusting off again that’s all!

Torturous weeks of uni, 5 essays, moving house, useless real estate agents, useless builders, useless councils, useless internet providers, unpacking, hundreds of phone calls to all useless people listed above, 4 started and then discarded blog posts and running around making sure the cat doesn’t destroy our brand new house. These are the things I blame for my absence. Especially the essays, all scientific writing and no creativity makes Gemma a dull woman! 😛

I soon plan to break out of this weird ‘Let’s be a good uni student’ stage, blow off all of my homework again and get back to ranting as per usual. I only have to hope I haven’t offended my wonderful viewers with my lack of posting, and if I have, I am willing to resort to begging if I must 😛

Please take me back? Pretty pretty please?

Seal begging for fish