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15 Useless Animal Facts Pt. 2 :D December 29, 2012

Everyone loves weird/gross/interesting animal facts on a Saturday evening, so here is Part 2 of my list of completely useless animal facts! ūüėÄ

1)¬†Frogs are unable to vomit. Being a reflex to get rid of possibly harmful toxins we have ingested, obviously lacking this mechanism means that if frogs eat something harmful they’ll kick the bucket right? Wrong! Rather than vomiting and bringing all its food back up in that revolting manner, the frog instead throws up its ENTIRE STOMACH, empties the contents of it, and then swallows its stomach back down! Neat huh? ūüėõ

2) Despite the huge difference in length, giraffes and humans have the same number of bones in their neck: seven.

3)¬†Dolphins can’t¬†sleep.¬†For humans, breathing is an unconcious¬†mechanism as we live in the medium that we also happen to breathe, oxygen. For dolphins, living underwater but also needing O2 means that a dolphin is a conscious breather as it has to monitor its O2 intake and regularly come up for air. If a dolphin was to fully drift off into a peaceful slumber like we do it would drown! To solve this problem, a dolphin will take small naps with only one half of its brain at a time while the other half is still awake!

4)¬†Baby Koala’s are not born with the ability to digest eucalyptus leaves. Obviously with eucalyptus being the only thing on the menu for a koala, this presents a bit of¬†a problem! To help the babies digestive system develop the enzymes to overcome the toxins in eucalyptus, the mother feeds her baby a substance called pap…… which is er, well, pre-digested leaves….. yes she feeds her baby her faeces. As a result of this, the baby is able to eat eucalyptus when it is older, but is only able to eat the same types of eucalyptus as its mother did, as its immune system was only able to adapt to the pre-digested leaves it was exposed to in the mum’s poop!

5)¬†A female ferret needs mate after she has gone into heat or she will literally die (because of a hormone imbalance)! While this is legit for the ferret, I wouldn’t put it past some humans to try and see if this excuse works with their partners: ‘Honey, if we don’t have sex right this moment I’m going to die!’ ūüėČ

6) Kangaroo’s can’t fart. The methane that their body produces is converted into an energy source that their body reuses! I wish I could say the same about my cat! ūüėõ

7)¬†Ever wondered how once a bee¬†has found a flower suddenly every other bee in the whole neighbourhood is suddenly at that flower too? When a bee finds something that will be of significance to the hive (new home/food source), it returns to its hive and it…… wait for it……. it dances! But this just isn’t any interpretive dance, this little bee’s ‘waggle dance’ is telling all the other bees EXACTLY where the food source is, from the direction and distance¬†it is in relation to the hive right down to the angle it is at in relation to the sun!! And even when the bee is doing this dance for hours, he changes his dance (its direction and the amount of wiggles he does per cycle)¬†in relation to the¬†sun’s movements so he is still telling the other bees exactly where the item is even though it is a different time of day!

8)¬†Ask anyone and they will tell you that a goldfish only has a memory span of three seconds. Common knowledge right?¬†But is it correct?¬†A 15 year old¬†Australian school boy decided to test this theory by placing a beacon¬†in the water when he was going to feed the goldfish, would wait 30 seconds and then sprinkle the food around the beacon. After 3 weeks, with a beginning time (at one week) of 1 minute to recognise the beacon and a finishing time (at three weeks) of less than 5 seconds after the beacon was placed into the water, the goldfish showed they now had established the food connection to the beacon. The boy¬†then¬†removed the beacon from the feeding process and fed the fish normally for the next week. When reintroduced 7 days later, the fish immediately recognised the beacon and reached it in 4.4 seconds, showing that they remembered it and could retain the information! Turns out goldfish aren’t as dumb as we think they are, and when you think about it are certainly smarter than some humans! ūüėČ

9) In 1740, a cow was found guilty of witchcraft and publicly executed! On another note all our ancestors were obviously also crack addicts ūüėõ

10)¬†You think human’s are evolved? Try this on for size: there is a monkey species where the baby pulls itself out of the womb!!¬†That’s¬†right, none of that horrible pushing and straining that seems characteristic of childbirth, the mother just gives the first initial heave and the baby does the rest of the work! Now THAT is evolution!

11) A dog was the king of Norway for three years! After the King’s son was killed by his subjects, angry, the King¬†gave the people of Norway a choice, to be ruled by his slave or his dog, and they chose the dog! You know a person is a pretty shitty option when a dog beats him in politics! ūüėõ

12) Sand Tiger Sharks are fighting for life from the moment they come into existence, literally! While the mother produces many eggs, she can only give birth to one pup, so once the embryo starts developing it has to begin killing off its brother and sisters while still in the womb in order to survive! Talk about a violent start to life!

13)¬†Never underestimate how dangerous a Rattle Snake can be….. even when its dead!! The instinct to strike at close movement is so hard-wired into a Rattle Snakes muscle reflexes that even with a dead brain an hour after its death it is¬†still capable¬†of killing you!

14) The penalty for killing a cat in ancient Egypt was death!

15) And once again on a more personal note, an animal story that occurred¬†a little closer to home! Karta¬†is an orangutan at Adelaide Zoo, whose enclosure (which I spend way too much time at when I am at the zoo :D) is surrounded by hotwires¬†and high walls. To keepers, Karta¬†never seemed to pay much attention to these things, so it was to their great surprise one day when she jumped ship and got out of her enclosure!! Orangutans are extremely intelligent and are perfectly capable of working through problems, which is just what Karta¬†had been doing in the days leading to her escape. She had previously poked the hotwire¬†with a stick, but on the day of her escape, the smart little cookie twisted the stick through all of the wires causing them to touch one another and short circuited the whole system! Once she had done this, Karta¬†then started ripping up plants and placing them up against the wall to make herself a ladder to get out! And after all that effort, Karta hopped over the wall, saw freedom wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and climbed back into her enclosure! After her little adventure the keepers decided they better have a better look into their animal security systems haha ūüėČ

Until next time lovelies ūüôā


15 Useless Animal Facts :D April 21, 2012

At the moment, I am training to be a volunteer at Adelaide Zoo and studying Animal Behaviour. This requires me to absorb a huge amount of information about an enormous amount of animals, but I only seem to remember the weird, interesting¬†and entertaining facts the best¬†ūüėÄ

1) A Kangaroo can jump 7 metres high, and 5 metres in length. So, theoretically, it could jump over a giraffe!

2) A Zebra herd consists of one male and a group of females. The females better hope they get on the males good side, as when they travel, the male places his least favourite females on the outside of the herd, so if they are attacked by predators they will be eaten instead of his favourite zebras!

3) While elephants put their young on the inside of a group while travelling for protection, a troupe of Hamadryas Baboons will place the breeding pair in the centre, other adults in the middle, and the babies on the outside to be the first picked off if attacked! Safe to say they are not very good parents!

4) A female Spotted Hyena has a penis. Yep, you heard me. They obviously don’t work as per usual, but the¬†females flail these pseudo-penises around in front of each other, and the bigger the penis, the more dominant the female.

5)¬†During mating season, to determine the dominant male, male Ring-Tailed Lemurs have ‘stink’ fights. They rub their stink glands all over their tails, wave their tails at each other and the stinkiest¬†male wins. What a charming way to win over a female, so¬†sexay¬†;P

6) A pack of African Painted Dogs will roll in each others urine and faeces¬†every morning. Gross right? But essential for their hunting strategy¬†and pack hierarchy. When hunting in long grass they have to stay in formation, and while they may not be able to see each other, because of their (disgusting) morning ritual they certainly can smell each other! ūüėõ

7)¬†A¬†Binturong¬†has a scent gland that releases a scent that smells like buttered popcorn! Er, nom nom? ūüėõ

8) A Saltwater Crocodile has a snap pressure (that is, when they shut their mouth from open to close) of 1 tonne in their jaws! That is equal to the weight of a family car!

9)¬†The first joint on a Giraffes leg is not actually its knee like most people assume. While its knee is located right up near its body, that first knobby looking joint is actually its ankle! That’s a huge freaking ankle!

10) One Poison Arrow Frog has enough poison to kill 2, 200 people! Cute little buggers, but more lethal than an Eastern Brown Snake!

11)¬†A¬†Cockroaches brain is spread throughout its body. This means, if cut in half, the cockroach is still able to survive! Cause of death would not be due to injury or dismemberment, but instead due to starvation! Creepy! ūüėź

 12) Male ducks form rape gangs. Sucks to be a female duck!

13) Just imagine an elephant stepping on your hand while wearing a stiletto shoe. This is what the bite of a Tasmanian Devil feels like, yeouch!

14) A male lion has a spiked penis, so when it is inside the female, she can’t get away and is forced to¬†let the male¬†mate with her. Again, talk about an unlucky female!¬†ūüėź

15) And on a¬†more specific note, one of the Panda’s at Adelaide Zoo got drunk! A fig tree overhanging the Panda enclosure was sectioned off by the keepers with an electric fence because they are bad for animals. While these figs are like candy to a Panda, once they are in their stomach they ferment and become alcohol. While Funi¬†(the female) tested the electric fence with her nose, got zapped, and never went near it again, the boisterous¬†male, Wang Wang, got half way through it, got zapped, and figured he may as well keep going! So he spent the rest of the afternoon stuffing his face and getting tipsy! What a party animal ;D YOU GET IT?! XD

I really need to get more sleep, I am far too hyperactive at this time of night ūüėÄ