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Mid-year resolutions, because where the heck did New Years go?! July 17, 2013

So apparently it is already July, which I find highly doubtful, seriously, you’re all just joking right?! Coming to terms with this whole ‘we are already half way through the year’ business is throwing me for a sixer, considering I don’t even know where the heck the past six months has gone! What is even more scary about this way-mark is that it signifies I only have another 6 months left of my university degree. 6 months until the freedom I have desired for the past 3 and a half years. 6 months until I finally get that little printed sheet of paper declaring to the world that I am a scientist and qualified in Animal Behaviour. 6 months until I am no longer a student and have to face the ‘real world’, and even worse, pay full price for everything…. eeep! 😛 4 years of what has been a huge part of my life if coming to a close, and in a way, it makes me a little sad, but has also inspired me to make some resolutions for myself (that I failed to make on New Years because I can’t even remember it coming and going!) that I am determined to follow in order to make the rest of this year worth my while, while at the same time, working towards a better and happier me 🙂

I, creator of Remain Insane, Gemma [insert embarrassing last name here], declare that:

1) I will blog about the things that I wish to blog about without fear of judgement, and as a result, will post every fortnight

The biggest problem I have had with blogging for the past 8 months is my constant fear of judgement. I have always been told I have a way with my writing and the way I word things makes for a hilarious read, and after seeing all of my lovely followers responses to my ‘funny’ entries, it has become something I pride myself on. Personally, if I can’t make people laugh, I feel as if I am failing as a human being 😛 As a result I have let the ranting and creative side of me flourish, received so much positive feedback and loved writing each and every post. But on the other side of it, I have also made myself afraid to blog about other things, things that are a little more serious but mean a lot to me, in fear that I will disappoint and lose followers left, right and centre. It has been over a whole year since I started this blog, and I am yet to even write one of the first posts I had ever planned to about my beloved orang-utans. Letting one side of you flourish while repressing the other works out ok to begin with, but after a while you begin to feel it through your own writing, and for me, this has come in the form of I want to talk about something serious, feel as if I can’t, try and force myself to be entertaining even when I’m not feeling it, which then just ends with a temper tantrum as well as a shit tonne of posts getting deleted and never making it on to my actual blog. It has reached the point now even ranting Gemma just ain’t showing up when I demand her to, because serious Gemma wants to have some viewing time. So, I am going to let her. Never fear, I am not going to go manic depressive on you and fill your newsfeeds with what can be compared to a 12-year-old going through a break-up on Facebook 😛 Simply, I am no longer going to be afraid to write about the things that mean a lot to me like animal welfare and conservation. My blog’s content is not going to change and a whole load of snort-worthy ranting will continue to ensue, the only change will be you should be seeing a lot more of me and my posts 🙂 At the end of the day, you have to blog for you 🙂

2) I will stop being so harsh on my body and expect too much of it in too little time

For a long time now, I have wanted to partake in regular exercise to tone up a little bit of excess fat here and there. Problem is, I expect too much of myself in a small amount of time. I am that person who will do 300 sit-ups and then whine at my belly ‘WHY AREN’T YOU FLAT YET!’ the very next day. Then, because I can’t see results, I give up and do nothing. Then rinse and repeat. This is completely unfair on my poor body, and I think it knows this too, as more often than not it’ll make me bloat like crazy the day after a workout just to spite me 😛 No more! I have made myself a 30 day workout plan, and I WILL stick to it. Currently on day two, and the familiar aching in my muscles is letting me know I have planned a doozy of a month for myself, but I am hoping it’ll be worth it. And in order to visibly show myself that change IS possible when I give myself the chance, I have taken a Day 1 photo and at the end of the month will compare it to a Day 30 photo. Alongside this exercise I am also going to make sure I eat healthier. My main issue is snacking, so I am going to try and eat 3 set meals a day while only having a few snacks here and there. In saying that though, I will treat myself with chocolate if the opportunity  arises 😉 During this month I vow not to try and look for instant results, however I do give myself permission to whinge if I stick to my plan and Day 1 and Day 30 end up looking the same 😛

3) I will be more positive, face the world with a smile and choose to be happy

 As of late I have come across a truly inspirational girl (will go into more detail later, she seriously just deserves a blog post of her own to do her justice), and she is one of the happiest most endearing souls you will ever come across. Her positive mindset, the love she has for herself as a person and the fact that she is only 16 years old but is helping heal 1000’s of young girls body confidence and teaching them to learn to love who they are is absolutely amazing. It is because of this girl I have decided to alter my attitude towards myself and life in general. Some people would look on what I have said as an odd choice of words: ‘choose to be happy’. But the more I practice this the more I find it is true. A saying I came across a while ago has really stuck with me: ‘Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% on how you react to it’. This, coupled with another quote from said wonderful human being above: ‘My life is my creation’, are already beginning to help me learn to love myself more and see what an impact your mindset has on your lifestyle. In every situation you have a choice on how you react to it. Even in a bad situation you can choose to let it hurt you long after it has happened, or you can choose to accept it happened and allow yourself to become a better more knowledgeable person because of it. Seriously, this will have a post of its own later 🙂

4) I will make every day count and live in the present

Being July already has made me realise how fast life goes, and I don’t want to miss a moment of it. Some days I feel like I have not achieved anything and wasted them either upset about the past or worrying about the future, or simply, by doing absolutely nothing. When in reality, you don’t have to go sky diving or do something extravagant every day of your life to make them worthwhile. I want to make sure every day means something to me. I will appreciate the little things more, like the cute look on my cats face when he stretches, or my boyfriend giving me a tender kiss on the forehead. Going on day trips, planning interstate or overseas trips, starting a new book, playing an hour of my favourite video game, blogging, catching up with a friend, cuddling on the couch with Steven watching a movie, every day is precious, and the things in my life are precious, and I want to appreciate them the amount that they deserve.

5) I will enjoy my last 6 months of study

I breathe books, live for video gaming, and to add to my already apparent ‘nerd’ status, I love science. While I’ve bitched and whinged about my study for the past 3 years, when it comes down to it, I have really enjoyed it. I adore biology and the secrets it uncovers about the process of evolution and behaviour. I love the fact that I can not just watch animal documentaries, but understand them on a new intellectual level. I even further love the fact I understand what has now become my absolute favourite pick-up line: ‘If I were an enzyme I’d be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes!’, and can spend hours of my spare time giggling over lame chemistry jokes such as ‘Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Batman!’. With my study coming to a close, I feel a little sad that this intellectual journey is almost over, so I will appreciate it for all it is worth, 9am – 5pm laboratory practicals and all 😉 But I will not let this be the end of my learning, and will continue to expand my knowledge on biology for the rest of my life. I appreciate the passion for learning that my course has given me, and I will continue to do it justice long after I receive my Bachelor of Science 🙂

Lets face it, New Years resolutions never seem to work out anyway, as usually we make them spur of the moment to ensure we have plans for the new year. So here’s hoping that my mid-year resolutions are going to much more effective and successful, seeing as I have had a whole 6 months to think about them 😉

Until next time lovelies 🙂